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Solar E.Technology is an Australian based International business specialized in Renewable Energy technology, Energy Efficiency and Energy Demand Management areas. The core business covers R&D and consultancy together with design, installation and commissioning of systems and components in this very critical energy field serving the societies improving their sustainable living condition. We engineer systems to your need and budget instead of retailing equipments.

Sustainability is Our Interest

Over centuries of scientific and technological evolution has brought the most of the human society to a sophisticated life style that is heavily relying on energy resource. Scientific facts has proven the impact of climate change and itís original relation to the energy use, directly and indirectly, through greenhouse gas emission. World fossil fuel reserves, which are still the dominant primary energy source, are proven on the decline. The world population is rising on an exponential scale. Sustainability of the modern living style for some and sustainability of a basic living for others over the globe are under threat. Technical solutions to secure a long run sustainable future is known and to be known further in the future. Our interest is to endeavor a conservative social development applying new and innovative technical challenges.

Our Mission

Bring along engineering solution to a cleaner and renewable energy generation, providing energy efficient technology, and reduce and manage energy demand in all sectors of the modern built society through research, consultancy and real life applications.

Our Focus Areas

Grid connected and remote area PV power supply system in the residential and commercial market is one of our major focus areas that provide longer term sustainable living opportunities.

We have extensive practical experience in improving energy efficiency in appliances, equipment, processes in buildings and industrial application wherever energy is used directly or indirectly either for heating, cooling, refrigeration, ventilation, and lighting or for transport of solid or fluid.

Energy demand reduction is one of the first and basic strategies that give the least cost solution to sustainable future. Solar E.Technology engineers know how to optimize the prime function of the energy demand by appropriate load and demand management.

Our Strengths

Our key competencies include highly qualified engineers including Ph.D and Masters in renewable energy technology and over 25 years of industry experience providing hands-on solution to customer of any type and size across Asia, Australia and Europe. Our design team includes Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited Grid Connect PV Design engineer. Over the years, Solar E.Technology has established strong technological knowledge, skills and network through which we are able to provide world class advanced lifelong cost and performance optimum solution that meets well established Australian national and international standards and compliances.

Rafiqul Islam
(Ph.D in Solar Energy Technology, M. Engg in Renewable Energy Technology & BSc. Engg in Mechanical)
Members of AIRAH, ASHRAE, IIR and ISES.
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Dr. Rafiqul Islam, the principle consultant, has a mechanical engineering degree graduated in 1986 with the top position in the faculty. He completed his masters of engineering and doctorate of engineering in renewable and solar energy field by early 1993 with scholarship awards from the governments of France and Germany respectively.

Dr. R. Islam has 10 years of academic teaching and consulting experience in energy technology area followed by 15 years of industry experience in development of leading edge solar and air sourced energy efficient heat pump water heaters, development of the most energy efficient refrigerated display cabinets and refrigeration systems for commercial refrigeration. He has five innovative patented products thought this period. In many technologies he researched on has improved energy efficiency by nearly double.

His skills include energy systems modelling including thermal process, solar thermal and renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltaic and hybrid-generation, building heating and cooling and refrigeration systems using TRNSYS, ITHINK, FLUENT CFD, HYBRID, HOMER, ENERGY PLUS and many custom built programs.

He has nearly 20 publications in international journals and conference proceedings. He is a member of Australian Standard on ME008 committee.

Naimul Islam
(Masters of Engg in Energy Technology & BSc. Engg in Electrical)
Member IEAust and IEEE
CEC accredited designer of Solar PV System
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Mr. Naimul Islam, the chief of engineering, is an electrical engineer graduated in 1986 taking the top position in his electrical engineering faculty. He completed masters of engineering in Energy Technology in 1992 with a scholarship awarded from United Nation Development Program (UNDP). He is also a Grid Connect Solar System Designer accredited by the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC).

Mr. N. Islam has seventeen years of extensive Australian industry experience and seven years overseas experience in multi-disciplinary engineering fields. He began his professional career as an electrical engineer in Power Generation System experiencing power system design and controls. He has worked as Senior Electrical Engineer over five years in commercial refrigeration industry researching on energy efficiency and maintaining electrical compliance. He has worked in electrical service industry installing, servicing and upgrading of complex electromechanical industrial machineries.

Naimul is well experienced to carry out energy saving project in systems and equipment, including opportunities assessment, efficient components selection, prototyping, testing, cost/benefit anglicizing, productionising and documentations.

Through his career, Naimul interpreted and applied relevant standards, particularly to safety and protection, test and measurement procedures, EMC and energy efficiency. He is an active member of Institute of Engineers Australia (MIAust) and Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, USA (IEEE).

Mohammad Yusuf
(Mechanical Engineer)
Regional Product and Service Manager, Sydney South West.
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Mr. Yusuf has over 25 years of experience in multi skilled engineering activities at Qantas Engineering covering aircraft maintanance, production planning, technical publication control, equipment specification preperation, change analysis of Defence Material Organisation's ship and ARH helicopter Quality Assurance services.

Shane Harris
CEC accredited solar PV installer

Mr. Shane Harris manages a team of friendly accredited solar PV system installers performs the industry code of practice and caring public safety for Solar E.Technology in caring every job.

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